Panel Rads services
Panel Rads services

Space Saving Design

Quiet, Comfortable Heating

Efficient Heat Transfer

Variety of Heights & Lengths

10-Year Warranty

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General Characteristics

  • Extremely versatile, the Pensotti Panel Radiators can be used as:
    • A primary heating system
    • A supplement to a radiant floor system or
    • In conjunction with traditional heating sources
  • Virtually silent in operation, Pensotti Panel Radiators eliminate the noises associated with other types of heating systems
  • Unlike conventional baseboard which provides only convective heat, panel radiators emit both radiant and convective heat to produce a blanket of unequaled warmth
  • Wall mounted and uniquely designed, Pensotti Panel Radiators are durable, easy to clean and reduce the areas where household dirt and dust might collect
  • When compared to conventional baseboard, Pensotti Panel Radiators require just one quarter the amount of wall space, allowing for more flexibility in room design and furniture placement